Bonehead x Audacious Monk Blinkerwall Launch

Fri 21 Jun 5:00pm

Bonehead x Audacious Monk Blinkerwall Launch

Earlier this year, in yet another bewildering demonstration of the scale of history and serendipitous nature of discovery, scientists accidentally stumbled upon a ten thousand year old, kilometre-long, neolithic structure hidden beneath the waters of the Baltic Sea. Dubbed the "Blinkerwall", said scientists reckon it's got a claim as being amongst the oldest man-made megastructure in Europe; in archeological terms, a pretty big deal. 

The crew at Audacious Monk reckon that's worth drinking to, so they teamed up with Bonehead Brewing (their second collaboration) to create their own homage to Blinkerwall. 

The resulting beer is, of course, a Baltic Porter that seeks to mimic the conditions you'd assume about the area: dark, cold, timeless. If you'd like to be amongst the first to have a taste - not to mention a closer look at the lovely artwork - head to Audacious Monk on June 21 for the launch. First pour is at 5pm. 

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