Events Battle Royale: Akasha versus Pirate Life (NSW)

Battle Royale: Akasha versus Pirate Life (NSW)
5pm 19 Jan, 2017

Two of the foremost proponents of hoppy beers to have arisen in the local craft beer scene in recent years are set to go head to head, beer to beer, at the Royal Albert Hotel

Over one evening, Dave Padden’s Akasha hop bombs will be matched on tap with the beers from Jack and Red's South Australian hop movement, Pirate Life. Such a lineup poses questions like whether a fresh batch of Korben D – one of our picks for best new beers of 2016 – will be able to pip the Pirates’ hottest 100 bolter IIPA? One way to find out… 

  • Round 1: Freshwater Pale Ale vs Pirate Life Pale Ale
  • Round 2: Hopsmith IPA vs Pirate Life IPA
  • Round 3: Korben D vs Pirate Life IIPA
  • Round 4: Specialties smackdown (lineup TBC)

Game on. 

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