Bridge Road Tap Takeover at Royal Albert Hotel (NSW)

Thu 8 Jun 12:00pm

Bridge Road Tap Takeover at Royal Albert Hotel (NSW)

To cap off a trio of Thursday tap takeovers from some of the old guard of modern Australian beer, the Royal Albert Hotel is featuring Beechworth's Bridge Road Brewers. And they've put together a rather tidy little lineup too (in as much as eleven beers is considered a little lineup), ranging from those using the latest experimental hop varieties to a current trophy winner and even a couple of foeder beers for good measure. 

Here's how they'll line up:

  • Enigma New World Pilsner
  • Chestnut Pilsner
  • Little Bling Session IPA
  • Bling IPA
  • Harvest Fresh Hop
  • Dark Harvest
  • Pretzel Gose 
  • Celtic Red Ale
  • Robust Porter
  • Mayday Hills Thursday (Brett Gin Dark Ale)
  • Mayday Hills Blue (Blueberry Wild Ale) 

Get in from about midday. 

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