Weekend of Darkness 2017 at Scratch Bar (QLD)

Fri 28 Jul 5:00pm to 31 Jul

Weekend of Darkness 2017 at Scratch Bar (QLD)

Five years ago, the good people at Scratch Bar decided to host a little Winter soiree that celebrated the darker side of beer. It got darker, crazier and more popular than they possibly expected and has only grown more so each year since. So, of course, they’re all set to do it all again. 

The Weekend of Darkness 2017 will be happening between July 28–30, with the Friday being a designated preview day before the mini festival proper hits over the weekend. 

You can expect any and every style of dark and darkish beer to feature at some point during a busy old weekend with kegs blowing here, there and everywhere. 

And (deep breath) here's the list... 

  • 4 Hearts (QLD) – S’more Than a Feeling Imperial Milk Stout
  • 8 Wired (NZ) – iStout Imperial Stout
  • Aether (QLD) – Cerise Drakkar Blood Cherry Stout
  • Beavertown (UK) – Heavy Water Hazelnut Imperial Stout
  • Batch Brewing (NSW) – Tank 6 Russian Imperial Stout
  • Big Shed (SA) – Golden Stout Time Milk Stout
  • Black Hops (QLD) – Beetlejuice Black NEIPA
  • Boatrocker (VIC) – Ramjet 2016/2017 Starward Whisky Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
  • Brewtal Brewers (QLD) – Coffee Malted Beast 1y/o Coffee Imperial Stout
  • Brewtal + Newstead (QLD) The Leshy Bourbon Barrel-Aged Rye Imperial Stout
  • Bridge Road + Scratch (VIC/QLD) – Shrooms of Doom Umami Stout
  • Brisbane Brewing Co (QLD) Pee-Can Bourbon Maple Pecan Stout
  • Co-Conspirators (VIC) – Rumball in the Jungle Coconut Rum Porter - 7.6%
  • Edge Brewing (VIC) – B.A. Stagger Lee Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
  • Evil Twin (USA) – Even More Jesus Imperial Stout
  • Founders (USA) – Kentucky Breakfast Stout Imperial Stout
  • Founders (US) –Lizard Of Koz Berry Vanilla Imperial Stout
  • Grifter Brewing (NSW) – Dream Queen Cherry Brown Ale
  • Hargreaves Hill (VIC) RIS Russian Imperial Stout
  • Heretic (USA) – Succubus Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Ale
  • Hope Brewhouse (NSW) – Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
  • Lervig (NOR) – 3 Bean Imperial Stout
  • Merchant Brewing (NSW) – Belphegor 2017 Dark Belgian Session Ale
  • Moon Dog (VIC) – Black Lung VII Red Wine Barrel-Aged Smokey Stout
  • Mornington Peninsula (VIC)– Old Pumping Station Shiraz Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout
  • Mornington Peninsula (VIC) – RIS 2016 Russian Imperial Stout
  • Naparbier + La Pirata (SPA) – Willy El Tuerto Vanilla Coconut Imperial Stout
  • Omnipollo (SWE) – Selassie Coffee Imperial Stout
  • Pikes (SA) – Double Barrel Barrel-Aged Black IPA
  • Praire (USA) – Bomb! Coffee Chocolate Imperial Stout
  • Red Hill (VIC) – Nitro Imperial Stout
  • Stomping Ground (VIC) – Bearbrass Milk Stout

Phew! And why not get yourself in the mood by watching the annual WoD teaser...

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