IPA Tap Showcase and Yeast Coast launch at The Wheaty (SA)

Sun 23 Jul 3:00pm

IPA Tap Showcase and Yeast Coast launch at The Wheaty (SA)

Fancy yourself as a bit of a hop head? Here's something for ya. 

On July 23 The Wheaty is having an IPA launch / celebration and they've roped Modus Operandi and Fixation along too. Actually, it's more a case of bringing the band back together with the three having teamed up last year on a Good Beer Wheaty brew day. 

Back then, the beer they'd made was an East Coast IPA, which was then bastardised into the murkier Yeast Coast IPA, and now it's been made again, with the difference being that different versions were brewed in South Australia and New South Wales. In total the event will feature eight IPA variants brewed by the three brewers, as follows:

  • Modus Operandi Yeast Coast IPA
  • Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer IPA
  • Modus Operandi Former Tenant Red IPA
  • Fixation IPA
  • Fixation Squish
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps Yeast Coast IPA
  • Wheaty Brewing Corps Non-Corps Promise Rye IPA

And just for fun they'll also be throwing on the Wheaty Brewing Corps/8Wired/Naparbier Screwdriver IIPA collaboration. 

Kegs will be tapped at 3pm, which is about when you can expect Fixation Tom and MO Grant & Dennis to be at the bar with beers in hand, so you'll be in fine company should you wish to join them.