12-Hectolitre Spark Brewhouse For Sale


12-Hectolitre Spark Brewhouse For Sale

Posted January 16, 2023

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Burnley Brewing recently completed a significant expansion at their Dandenong site and as a result, they're looking to sell their original brewhouse.

In typical Burnley style, they've ensured their ad is a romp too. 

For Sale: 12hl Spark Brewhouse

Have you ever been at the supermarket check out and impulse bought a pack of chewing gum and then thought: “I should buy Juicy Fruit more often - this tastes so good!”

Now imagine that feeling but x1000 and the thought you are having is “I should brew my own beer on this awesome brewhouse more often. It tastes so good!” Or something along those lines. 

Due to expansions at our production facility in Dandenong, Burnley Brewing are selling our two-vessel, 12hl Spark brewhouse.

Now what can I say about Spark? It is the secret ingredient you need to ignite the fire that is your successful brewery (should I be a salesman?).

It comes with:

  • 25hl HLT heated with electrical elements
  • 25hl CLT
  • Mash/Lauter tun complete with a hydrator and grist case
  • Direct fire Kettle/Whirlpool
  • Plated heat exchanger complete with O2 assembly
  • Mill

We’ve been able to fill this Mash tun with 375kg of grain 2.4:1 ratio and have managed to get well above 20 Plato without the addition of sugars.

Here is a video showing the Brewhouse in action provided by Spark.

This can all be yours for $70,000 - please contact Calum at calum@burnleybrewing.com.au for more information.