For Sale: Bath Pasteuriser


For Sale: Bath Pasteuriser

Posted February 14, 2023

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Are you looking for a way to pasteurise your beer or cider? Good news: a bath pasteuriser is currently for sale in Melbourne. 

For Sale: Bath Pasteuriser 

For sale is a very capable 2-tub bath pasteuriser and 20 x can/bottle cages; each cage can hold over 650 cans labelled and PakTeched.  

Tub 1 is used for preheating and cooling, tub 2 is used for pasteurising. Includes high volume pump for water circulation and computer to monitor PU's. We power it with a kettle and heat exchanger but can easily be hooked up to instant gas hot water units. 

The system can easily process over 60 cases per hour and is a perfect solution for in-pack sterility for lo/no, fruity beers and ciders. Happy to assist with setup.  

Pickup is from Moorabbin, Victoria. Our asking price is $8,500 plus GST.

For further details, contact Gus via email