Run 7th Day Brewery – General Manager


Run 7th Day Brewery – General Manager

Posted May 12, 2023

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The Northern Beaches are turning into quite the hub for brewing, and among the breweries putting the area on the map is 7th Day Brewery.

They run a community-centric taproom in Brookvale and are looking for a new general manager to oversee operations there.


The Company – 7th Day Brewery – Our Journey So Far

A good pilsner is one of Australia’s greatest rarities. Sourcing a crisp, amber drop can be like getting blood from a stone, but it’s a quest our head brewer Mike forged in vain for many years. As his taste buds lost all hope with every bland pint, Mike grew determined to lead a flavour revolution. This unquenchable thirst led him to buy a novice brewing kit, setting in motion a dedicated crusade to craft the perfect beer, one defined by subtle flora flavours soaked through a quality brew. After much exploration, experimentation, and a trip down the rabbit hole of homebrewers in Holland, Mike transformed his garage into a more elaborate home brewery.

What started out as a selfish pursuit to appease his palate, soon turned into a community affair. His kid’s sporting sidelines swirled with stories among parents of Mike’s lucrative lager. Locals soon became his taste bud test subjects and the muse for his booze. A beer wizard in Oz, Mike rallied a group of mates who were just as daring and curious. Over shite beer, the group vowed to lead a revolution in the beverage space – crafting what was to become Australia’s most succulent pilsner (shortly followed by a vast lineup of beers to suit even the pickiest of palates). Mike, Ian, Ashley, Melissa, and Gavin joined the Curl Curl crew, establishing what today is known as 7th Day Brewery. 7th Day challenges the idea that relaxation needs to be confined to week’s end. It’s our belief that the sublime can be summoned, with the crack of a can. 

The 28th of October 2018 went down in history as the day the group ventured into the unknown and stepped out of the warm confines of Mike’s garage. All thanks to the help of crowdfunding by a community who were just as thirsty as they were. We at 7th Day are in the business of social lubrication – allowing us to slip the restraints of corporate coldness, skirt the rules of society, and slick the road less travelled with a product that’s for everyone. From charitable ventures, to steadfast support for local businesses, sporting teams, events, and initiatives – our aim is, was, and always will be to propel others toward greatness. ‘Beer, for good’s sake’ is a mission, to drink good and do good. Join us.

Position Description

We’re seeking a dynamic General Manager to join our team who will be responsible for all aspects of the overall daily operations of the customer experience in our taproom, wholesale sales and work closely with our brewing and production team to ensure sales forecasts are met. Must possess an upbeat and positive demeanour, excellent leadership, communication and high-level organisation skills, spreadsheet capabilities and financial management experience.

Duties and responsibilities (aka what you will do):

  • Responsible for executing the business plan within budget guidelines
  • Provides supervision of all positions, namely the Head Brewer, Marketing Manager, Wholesale Manager, and Casual Front of House staff.
  • Oversees daily Front of the House and Back of the House operations
  • Develop and execute long & short-term sales planning goals
  • Responsible for inventory management of finished goods, kegs and cans
  • Collaborate on all production activities and create schedules to meet sales forecasts and demands and specialty requirements
  • Monitoring all accounts payable to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum while still promoting growth
  • Performs any daily/weekly/monthly accounting and cash flow control procedures
  • Manage payroll
  • Manage and submit excise duty returns
  • Ensure earn and return submissions are up to date
  • Oversee the weekly ordering of inventory for the taproom, including cost tracking
  • Plans and conducts weekly/monthly staff meetings
  • Works effectively with the marketing/social media team to promote the taproom, internal and external events, and the wholesale side of the business
  • Ensures that staff receives continual training and updates necessary for job competence
  • Coordinates daily with staff to discuss and inform on happenings in the business.
  • Conducts regular employee performance reviews/evaluations.
  • Develop and maintain an onboarding and new employee orientation process
  • Ensures standard of cleanliness of the taproom and appearance of staff
  • Maintain production planning in conjunction with the Head Brewer to meet the business demands
  • Represent the company at various events
  • Participate in our sensory panel
  • Developing new business opportunities
  • Assist in the development of the 7th Day Brewery brand by monitoring current trends in your territory, and changes in competitor products and activity and recommending changes as you see fit
  • Work in conjunction with management and the brewery team on product ideas
  • Collaborate with other staff within the brewery to achieve company goals
  • Assisting in the delivery of promotional events and activities when required
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment (home office, vehicle, on- site office)
  • Engage with customers on behalf of 7th Day Brewery in a manner that represents our core values

Skills and attributes (who you are):

  • Passion for Craft Beer
  • Leadership and initiative focused
  • A demonstrated safety-first approach
  • Enthusiasm about brewing and the ability to motivate or excite customers about beer
  • Mature attitude, honesty, loyalty and exceptional work ethic
  • Exceptional customer service focus at all times
  • Proven organisational skills
  • Sound communication skills
  • Analytical, with a high level of attention to detail
  • Honesty and integrity in all dealings with customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • The ability to work in highly pressured and fast paced environments
  • Professionalism and respect in the discharge or duties and in all dealings with customers, suppliers and colleagues

Qualifications & Experience

  • 5 years of Managerial Experience
  • Forklift license preferred
  • Drivers License
  • Current Responsible Service of Alcohol certification (Required)

Job Perks

  • market salary
  • a bloody good support team to help you grow the business
  • free beer!!!!

Hours: Full Time

Salary: TBC depending on the successful applicants qualifications

Please send applications to Joel Freeme: