WA's Funk Are Hiring A Head Brewer


WA's Funk Are Hiring A Head Brewer

Posted September 15, 2023

This posting is more than 6 months old

Funk have spent years making fun cider and as they move into a new and state-of-the-art production site, they're adding beer to their lineup too.

It means they're searching for a head brewer to steer that beery ship. 

Job Description: Head Brewer

Do you wake up in the morning wishing you had more funk in your life? Do you have a longing to be a part of the relentless pursuit of flavour? Do you yearn to be on the frontier of fermentation?

If you said yes to all those questions, look no further - it sounds like you need to be a part of one of the funk’n best teams, who are in the relentless pursuit of life changing flavours. We are seeking a creative and passionate brewer to live, breathe and brew the funk project for our on premise venues and new wholesale markets.

What is funk?

  • Out of the ordinary
  • Fiercely independent
  • Relentlessly innovative
  • Passionately expressive
  • Uber healthy
  • But foremost
  • Erotically flavoursome
  • Fun!

Got funk?

  • We believe in a new world of brewing
    • A world where fermentation has no limits;
    • A world where we leave nothing left in the tank when it comes to flavour + fun;
    • A world where fruit infusions, crazy yeasts, hybrids, barrel ageing + seductive packaging to contain all of this excitement - is the norm’.


In this role, you will drive the funk project and help lead a successful, brand new and state-of-the-art fermentation playground alongside our current head cider maker.

You will brew outstanding core range beer and hybrid products for our venues, funky weekly limited releases and fruit driven beers for the funk project in the wholesale market.

Requirements include:

  • Three to five years experience in an innovative and creative brewing role
  • Demonstrated innovative and original recipe writing and experience in delivery of well balanced beers, fruited and hybrid beverages
  • Ability to work independently, work collaboratively and come up with left of centre ideas
  • Ability to forward think and identify global brewing trends
  • A relentless passion and pursuit for unique flavours
  • Competent canning line operator
  • Valid forklift ticket
  • Competency in using a production data system and maintaining a digital ecosystem

Key Responsibilities of the role include:

  • Managing the funk beer & project side of the brewery including core range and weekly releases
  • Creating and developing funky, innovative, and left of centre recipes for funk projects including beer, fruited beer, hybrids, craft sodas and helping with experimental ciders
  • Brewing beer, running beer packaging teams and helping cider packaging when required
  • Working with the Head Cider Maker and the warehouse manager for improvements to operations, R & D and production scheduling
  • Managing and arranging brewery/cidery hygiene, including cleaning rosters and ordering of any relevant supplies
  • Quality control of all products including arrangements of testing, laboratory work and reporting of results
  • Ingredients and materials management (purchasing and stock control)
  • Record keeping and process management - include excise records, product database and research and development
  • Managing the production shed waste water system, record keeping and being involved in regenerative vineyard practices as required.
  • Forecasting and planning - including cost/purchasing planning and management (working with Sales, Finance & the Managing Director)
  • Equipment maintenance, calibration, and servicing requirements including RO systems, wastewater systems, gas boiler, pumps, keg washer and more
  • Working alongside the Marketing, Sales and Venues Departments for public profiling and promotional activities, including providing tasting notes
  • Working closely with head cider maker and other people including the retail side of the business
  • Representing the funk brand and products at events in house and externally
  • Running brewery tours, masterclasses etc on site as required
  • Attending offsite events as required to grow the funk project brand


  • You will be on display in the production shed at all times so high standards of dress and appearance of oneself and the presentation of the facility to be maintained at all times. Brewers beards/facial hair are to be kept crafty and oiled ;)
  • An emphasis on quality, uniqueness and a relentless forward thinking approach to all of the products we produce. We are the trend setter in this market and our consistency on delivering left of centre, premium products is what we are renowned for.
  • Be hungry to learn! Willing to learn new skills, particularly through funks’ network of cider and wine makers and applying this unique knowledge to the creation of our products and hybrids. Willing to share existing knowledge with our team and contribute positively within a team environment whilst also listening and responding to all feedback appropriately
  • Contributing to a fun and high performing work culture and brand
  • That the quality of the Funk brand and respect of management be held in the highest regard in and outside of work.
  • The health of products is paramount at Funk and thus self-presentation and attending work in a healthy status and frame of mind must more than match this.
  • That you must respond to all messages, phone calls, emails, requests and other forms of communication with management and other staff at Funk as soon as possible.

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