For Sale: Nowhereman's Brew Kit & Canning Line


For Sale: Nowhereman's Brew Kit & Canning Line

Posted September 19, 2023

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Following the merger between Nowhereman and Otherside, Nowhereman are looking to sell their brewhouse and other equipment, which has secured them multiple awards over the years. 

For Sale: Award Winning Brew Kit & Canning Line

As a result of the recently announced merger between Nowhereman Brewing Co and Otherside Brewing Co, the multi award winning and regularly gold medal making brew kit and cellar at Nowhereman is being offered for sale, alongside several great peripherals. Designed for great volume from a small footprint, the equipment up for sale is offered either in its entirety for those looking for an instant turnkey solution, or for individual equipment. 


  • 18HL Premier Stainless Three Vessel Brewhouse
  • Oversized Mash/lauter
  • Direct-fired Kettle with Riello 40 GS Series power burner
  • Whirlpool

Further details:

  • Stainless brewhouse work platform & stairs 
  • Complete hard piped SS brewhouse manifold
  • Enclosed wort sight glass/manometer set up for wort run off
  • Digital SS flow metre for mash in/sparge water
  • Cold water blend valve with analog thermometer
  • Sanitary centrifugal wort pump - with 2 HP/1.5 KW SS motor
  • Sanitary centrifugal grant pump - with 2 HP/1.5 KW SS motor
  • Thermaline SS plate heat exchanger - T8-71 - water/wort
  • SS brewhouse control panel with digital temperature controllers
  • Variable frequency drive for BH pumps
  • Wort aeration & sight glass assembly
  • Mash hydrator
  • Mill, Grist Case and Auger

40HL Direct fired Brewtique HLT and Riello 40FS20 burner.


Cellar control panel.

Price: $150,000.


  • 4x 36HL Fermenters
  • 2x 18HL Fermenters
  • 1x 40HL Brewtique Fermenter 
  • 4x 18HL Brite Tanks
  • 1x 36HL Brite Tank

Large tanks $10,000 each, smaller tanks $8,000 each.

Packaging equipment:

  • ABE CraftCan 35 (including slim canning change out parts)
  • ABE Tail Gator semi auto depalletiser 
  • STS Avvolgente, single station, linear labeller, with VSD 2,500cph.
  • IP66 Markem Imaje Inkjet printer/ date coder (with spare ink & additive)
  • 7.5KW Venti Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Price: $135,000.

Cooling System

  • Insulated fibreglass Glycol tank & 3x Grundfos pumps 
  • 30kw Enthalpy Semi-Hermetic 20hp Condensing unit

Price: $30,000

Water Treatment:

  • Progressive Group Three Stage Stainless Steel 20” Water Filter membrane housing.
  • Crystal Water High Flow Reverse Osmosis Unit (Membranes replaced June 2022) $18,000.

Other Items:

  • Brewtique 200L CIP Cart $4000
  • Premier Stainless 2 station Semi-auto Keg Washer $12,000
  • Pall Dual Bag Filter on stainless dolly $5000

All equipment located in Perth Western Australia, all shipping at buyer's costs and all prices ex GST.

Please send all enquiries to: