Get Your Start In Brewing With Brownstone Microbrewery


Get Your Start In Brewing With Brownstone Microbrewery

Posted October 3, 2023

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Brownstone Microbrewery is located in a Melbourne suburb you've probably never heard of but, over many years, has played a key role in training local brewers. 

The brewery always hires at an entry level and offers mentorship as part of the role. So, if you'd like to join the beer industry, this might be your chance.

Job Description: Entry-Level Brewer Position/Internship at Brownstone Microbrewery

Brownstone Microbrewery is a brewpub located in the Atura Hotel in Eummemmering, a suburb of South East Melbourne down near Dandenong that you’ve probably never heard of.

We’re currently seeking a green but aspirational brewer looking for an entry level position to make a start in the brewing industry.

About Brownstone Microbrewery and Rockstar Brewer Academy

Brownstone Microbrewery has been around for over 13 years and Hendo of Rockstar Brewer Academy has been managing the brewery since 2013.

Brownstone runs a 500L, 2-vessel, electric brewhouse with just one 500L fermenter and two serving tanks.

You heard that right. Just. One. 500L. Fermenter.  There are plans to expand the brewery in the future but for now, this is what you’ve got to work with.

This little set up is an award-winning brewery having won Gold at the 2022 Australian International Beer Awards for their Summer Ale as well as the Gary Sheppard Trophy for Best New Exhibitor in 2018 amongst other medals.

So - here’s the problem we face.  We need a new brewer but it’s a very small brewery and hiring someone experienced has proved to be difficult in the past because the hours are sporadic due to the limited production capacity.

But we believe that beer people are good people.  We’ve embraced the good beer movement thing and we traditionally hire brewers who have little to no experience and give them an opportunity to become industry professionals.

Our arrangement is that Hendo of Rockstar Brewer Academy manages the brewery and the brewer gets in and does the brewing at Brownstone and learns heaps along the way as you will be mentored by Hendo personally.

Our past brewers have learnt the ropes and they’ve gone on to become professional brewers in the industry after a 12-month commitment at Brownstone.  Brownstone alumni have gone on to brew at awesome breweries such as Tallboy & Moose and Kaiju Beer amongst others.

We’re looking to kick start another brewing career into this amazing industry and this opportunity might be your foot in the door.

About the Brewer Role

We are specifically seeking an inexperienced brewer…. a total rookie.  If you’ve been considering becoming a professional brewer, then this may be your foot in the door.

No – we’re not after an “inexperienced-brewer-but-you-need-3-years-of-experience” …. a genuinely inexperienced brewer.

We’re after the following type of person.  You are:

  • Someone who already has permission to work and live in Australia.
  • Someone who is passionate about brewing as well as beer itself.
  • Someone who is willing to eventually make the move into the brewing industry.  This opportunity exists so you can change career.
  • Someone who may be an accomplished home brewer….or not….we don’t care….but
  • Someone who is willing to learn….fast, do the hard yards and look at this opportunity as part of playing the “long game” as a career move into the brewing industry.
  • Someone who is physically fit enough to be able to lift 25kg above their shoulders or drag spent grain out of the mash tun.
  • Someone who has flexibility with their work hours.  With only one fermenter, you may be working on a Tuesday or a Saturday – it’s sporadic and it depends when the beer is ready.  You need to be ready too.
  • Someone who has a car and driver’s license.  You will need to get yourself all the way to Eummemmering and back each shift and sometimes pick up supplies for the brewery or run kegs to a local, friendly brewery to be cleaned.
  • Someone who can commit to at least 12 months at Brownstone.
  • Someone who has another form of part-time income.  You’ll get some skills in this job but you won’t be able to live off this part-time wage solely.  Maybe you have a bar job somewhere at night...I don’t know...but you will need to eat to survive, and you won’t be able to do that with this job alone.

Tasks Of The Job Include:

  • Working in a manner that is safe at all times.
  • Raw ingredient handling, all aspects of a brew day, transferring wort and beer, yeast handling, packaging, monitoring fermentations, record keeping etc.
  • Operate brewhouse with maximum attention to detail and accuracy (milling, mashing, lautering, proper gravities, etc.)
  • Tank management (gravity checks, trub dumps and dry-hopping)
  • CIP and Sanitization on all vessels (fermenters, heat exchanger, mash tun, kettle, and bright beer tanks)
  • Maintaining a clean working environment.  This is a brewery that’s on display to the public and it must look tip-top at all times.
  • Mash tun cleaning including removal of spent grain
  • Troubleshooting, technical maintenance and by-the-letter adherence to SOP’s
  • Maintain an inventory of raw materials & brewery supplies
  • Cleaning beer lines to ensure that the beer tastes awesome at the brewpub.
  • Maintain brewery equipment as well as general facility.

Brewer Qualifications Required:

None.  Nil.  Nada.  But if you already have a brewing qualification, you are studying for a brewing qualification or are looking to study for one in the future, this would be looked upon most favourably.

At a minimum, the Brewer must have the following:

  • A strong focus on workplace health and safety
  • Strong work ethic and self-starting attitude
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Excellent organisation and communication skills
  • The desire to learn 
  • Ability to stand for prolonged periods
  • Ability to stoop, crawl, twist, turn, lift, kneel, climb ladders and stairs
  • Ability to manipulate valves and clamps
  • Ability to read and follow written English instructions
  • Ability to regularly lift/carry heavy supplies, like bags of grain and kegs of beer
  • Ability to work in a brewery environment which may be loud, slick, humid, and hot and cold
  • Ability to comply with safe chemical handling procedures, including personal protection equipment such as gloves and goggles


Given the sporadic hours of this role and that you have employment elsewhere, this is a sub-contracting arrangement. You will need an ABN. An hourly rate with minimum shift length to cover travel time will be agreed upon with the right candidate.

How to apply:

If you are ready to join the Rockstar Brewer/Brownstone team, email your resume and a cover letter to

Applications close on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

Rockstar Brewer Academy and Brownstone Microbrewery are proud to be equal opportunity employers.