Secure The Lease Of Mildura's Mallee Brewing


Secure The Lease Of Mildura's Mallee Brewing

Posted October 27, 2023

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Mallee Brewing is a new brand that operates out of the former Mildura Brewery. 

The team behind it are looking for someone to take over the lease of the brewery, with details of its history and the new brand concept below. 


The new brand for Mallee Brewing Company, formerly Mildura Brewery, was chosen by Don Carrazza, and inspired by one of its original naturally brewed beers, the Mallee Bull. 

Like the characteristics of a Mallee Bull, the new brand is strong, bold, but also unique and simple, "to stand out from the herd so to speak" and help bring a fresh approach to marketing strategies for the Mallee Brewing Company. 

The design works across a large range of applications and media platforms including websites, social media, environmental signage, beer label designs, merchandise, packaging and other marketing collateral. 

To ensure Mallee Brewing Company stands out against other breweries and mainstream competitors, the new brand also has its own identity guide and communications framework, which can be taken across all marketing assets and point of sale material. 

The History

Originally producing four permanent naturally brewed beers, along with unique specialty brews, the Mildura Brewery creates beers that are inspired by and named after local produce, landmarks and themes. 

Before the Mildura Brewery began life, it was the home of the Astor Theatre, which was once the most popular theatre in town. Opening in 1924, the Astor enjoyed its heyday during the 1930s and 1940s, however the advent of the drive-in theatre in the 1950s spelled the end for the popular indoor theatre and it closed in the late 1960s.

The Brand Identity


Three main varieties will be put into production for the retail and tourist market: Sun Light, Desert Lager and Mallee Bull. They will be available in 6, 12, and 24 packs. 

The Logo Type and the Mallee Bull Icon have been carefully designed and considered so they can be used together or apart, making the brand more dynamic for future applications like environmental signage, advertising and other marketing collateral. 

The Mallee Bull itself, uses bold and strong shapes to represent a modern take on the iconic animal, purposely staying away from cliché bull horns and drawings, helping make it unique and memorable. 

The typography has been carefully designed and shaped to fit within the bull and complement the shapes within the icon. The typography is also strong and bold enough to be used by itself for marketing purposes. 

The hidden gem, and not everyone will see straight away, are the shapes that form the legs of the bull, which have been designed to symbolise the brewing tanks, also inspired by wheat silos that are iconic in the Mallee landscape. 

The new brand aims to set itself apart from the more traditional label designs and brands, that are commonly seen today. 

To find out more, or to become involved, please email