Contract Distill, Pack & Brew At Deeds Brewing


Contract Distill, Pack & Brew At Deeds Brewing

Posted January 24, 2024

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In 2023, Deeds Brewing launched Future Proof Distilling, adding spirits to their lineup of beers and RTDs.

If you're looking for somewhere to produce and pack beer, spirits or RTDs, they're now offering a contract service.

Since its establishment in 2012, Deeds Brewing has been crafting exceptional beers that captivate the palate. Their commitment to excellence was recognised when they took out the prestigious title of the 2023 Champion Medium Brewery in Australia. Building on this success, Deeds Brewing has elevated its game even further.

The latest addition to their repertoire is a cutting-edge still installed in the Glen Iris Taproom, providing surplus capacity for new ventures. Now, Deeds is thrilled to unveil its comprehensive contract distilling services, drawing upon the expertise of their seasoned team and leveraging a state-of-the-art facility. 

With a rich history of brewing triumphs, ranging from barrel-aged masterpieces to adventurous wild ales and the haziest IPAs, the Deeds team takes pride in upholding meticulous production standards, fostering innovation, and maintaining an unwavering dedication to quality. As a result, Deeds Brewing stands poised to deliver a diverse range of contract brewing and beverage canning solutions as well distilling services, ensuring that every sip reflects their commitment to crafting unparalleled experiences.

Deeds Facility overview

  • 2,000L Canadian Built Still with 6 plate column
  • Recipe creation for Spirits available
  • 50mL, 500mL and 700mL bottle filling available
  • Labelling of bottles and case packing available
  • Wash production and Low Wines Production available
  • New make Spirit available
  • 3 Vessel DME Brewhouse
  • Recipe creation for Beer available
  • 25HL to 100HL Fermentation Tanks
  • GEA Centrifuge
  • DE Filter
  • 330mL, 375mL and 440mL can format packing available in 16 and 24 pack formats
  • We can label cans for all formats of cans
  • 20L, 30L and 50L steel and OW kegs available
  • 330mL glass format packing available in 16 and 24 pack format
  • Paktech 4 and 6 pack clip available
  • Cluster packs in 4 and 6 packs available in 375mL format can and bottle
  • 330mL Sleek Can format available in either 4 or 6 pack clips
  • All Anton Parr QA and testing equipment on site for DO, CO2, ABV etc

Email David at for your contract distilling and contract brewing needs.