Canning Line For Sale

Canning Line For Sale

Since launching in 2016, East Coast Canning has played a significant role in getting more of Australia's craft beer into tinnies. 

Recently the company has invested in a brand new canning line and, as a result, the one responsible for packaging more than 2.5m cans in less than two years – is for sale.


East Coast Canning is looking to sell the canning line that filled its first 2.5m cans. There are a number of sale options available.


  • Machine only – Offers over $70,000
  • Machine with spares, training and service – Offers over $80,000
  • Machine with simple depalletiser, spares, training, service – Offers over $90,000
  • Machine with Full Layer Blower Conveyor, twist cages, spares, training, service – Offers over $100,000

Inclusions (depending on which option is chosen):

  • Canning line
    • 5 head pre-purge
    • 5 head filler
    • Ultra reliable lid dropper with under lid gassing
    • Pneumatic seamer with extreme controllability (375, and 440 capabilities - 330 and 355 available at extra cost)
    • Custom rinse and dry tunnel with low-consumption air knives
    • Out-feed ‘hugger’ conveyor for date coding (coder not included)
  • Depalletiser conveyor ($9,000 when new)
  • Spare parts (valued at almost $10,000)
  • CAD drawings of high-wear mechanical parts
  • 2 x full day on-site training anywhere in Australia.
  • 10 hours phone support
  • If product and site requirements are met, 35 cans per minute at end of training is achievable.


  • Large 3 Phase air compressor, or 2 x 15a single phase machines on seperate circuits.
  • Bottle or bulk CO2 is fine
  • 2 x 10a single phase circuits (for machine and conveyor)
  • Operations staff with a level of mechanical aptitude, knowledge of machinery operation, and knowledge of ideal filling conditions for your product.



  • Shipping at purchaser's expense.
  • If crating required for shipping this will be charged at cost (though we will do it in house to save some cash if needed).
  • Support (on-site or phone) will be charged at $150 per hour after initial free periods.
  • If on-site support is requested after initial free period, travel (time and expenses) will also be charged at cost.


  • This is a Twin Monkeys Animas system purchased in August 2016. It has done over 2.5 million cans since then.
  • Sale is mainly due to a ‘machinery alignment’ desire within our company. We still loved running this machine right up until its last day of operations last month.
  • This is a very ‘utilitarian’ canning line, and has had lots of modifications to make things easier for operators to achieve a strong result, and also to ensure more robust and reliable operation.
  • All parts are catalogued, and we have part numbers and suppliers listed for almost every single item on the machine - this has extreme value in itself.
  • DO pickup has been regularly clocked on this machine at between 30 and 80 PPB, and during training we will help train operators how to achieve this.
  • All that is required to produce 1.5 cases per minute is a date coder and pack off table.
  • Would suit an operation running 1 or 2 days per week/fortnight, aiming at between 3000 and 5000L per day.
  • With a strong compressed air source, and appropriate compressed air preparation equipment, this machine will provide years of reliable operation.

To enquire, please contact Chris Kelly on 0409 468 997 or by emailing

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