Batch Brewing Have Two Packing Lines For Sale

Batch Brewing Have Two Packing Lines For Sale

Batch Brewing Co release a remarkably diverse array of beers, with cans and bottles regularly flowing from their Marrickville home. 

If you'd like to get your hands on the machines responsible for filling them, they're selling. 

For Sale: Wild Goose can filler & Meheen bottle filler

Batch Brewing Co currently have two packing lines up for sale, with details and photos of both below.

Wild Goose Two-Head Can Filler

A Wild Goose two-head can filler with less than a year’s worth of production under its belt! A great piece of kit for a small brewery, and is ready for immediate collection (currently only seamer being used). Currently set up for 440ml, but able to switch to other sized cans.

Meheen two-head bottle filler with labeller (optional)

This bit of equipment has been in the Batch family for a few years and has been a great workhorse! Currently used for 640ml bottles, but can fill other sizes with some retooling required. Ready for immediate collection.

Please contact for expressions of interest for either (or both) of these units!


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