Pirate Life Are Hiring A Health, Safety & Environment Officer

Pirate Life Are Hiring A Health, Safety & Environment Officer

Job posted September 15, 2021

This posting is more than 6 months old

Pirate Life's home is an impressive space in Port Adelaide, where the brewery continually explores new beer styles and constantly releases new beers. 

If you'd like to join them, they're hiring a health, safety and environment officer. 

Job Description: Health, Safety & Environment Officer

  • Opportunity to join a growing company
  • Exciting role with lots of variety
  • Fantastic company culture

About the Company

Established in the summer of 2014 by a small team who made their way across the Nullarbor from Perth, Pirate Life now employs over 100 staff around the country and exports internationally. Since the new brewery in Port Adelaide opened its doors at the beginning of 2019, we have continued to expand our team and our production, but our goals remain the same – pushing the boundaries and quality.

Right from launching with an IIPA in a 500ml can, we’ve sought to subvert expectation and give our fans more than what they knew they wanted. Releasing over 60 new beers so far in 2021 alone, and collaborating and supporting everyone from wakeboarders, skateboarders and snowboarders to street artists, we like to keep everyone engaged and entertained. But never at the expense of quality.

The Role and Duties:

Safety is the highest priority in our business, and with our expansion it needs even more attention than ever. We are looking for a team member to continually develop and manage the tools, systems and maintenance mechanisms to support a strong safety culture at Pirate Life. You will contribute to us achieving the gold standard in safety for brewery and hospitality sites in Australia, according to relevant business/industry standards.

In this role you will be driving the daily safety culture across the entire business, from the brewery to the hospitality venue and everything in between. This will include managing the incident reporting cycle; conducting and managing risk assessments; creating, implementing and maintaining our safety policies; and training staff in all areas of safety. You will also be responsible for leading and guiding the safety committee.

On the environmental side, you will be responsible for driving environmental excellence, ensuring environmental compliance, and assisting with sustainability goals.

Skills and Experience:

  • Formal training and/or qualifications in technical safety management required
  • Experience in a manufacturing/logistics/hospitality safety environment is desirable
  • Proven experience with change/project management to achieve business objectives
  • Experience in systems (MYOSH/Skytrust) and policy development to support change initiatives
  • Ability to build relationships across all areas of the business, getting involved on the floor when needed
  • and not being afraid to say it to leadership when improvement is necessary
  • Strong communication and organisation skills


Pirate Life is fresh, dynamic, ever changing and no fuss. Joining our team is about becoming part of a family, about looking out for each other while challenging each other to do better, and always seeking to innovate.

We’re all about enjoying the work you do, while being willing to work hard to get it done!

The culture of our company is important to us, so we want to know what makes you tick! To be considered for this opportunity, you will need to include a captivating cover letter that gives us insight into your personality and drive.

Send CV and cover letter to careers@piratelife.com.au.

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