It's Business Time

August 25, 2017, by Crafty Pint

It's Business Time

The Crafty Pint is adding a new directory to the site that will give beer-related businesses a platform on which to showcase their products to our audience. We've offered such a platform for breweries, venues and bottleshops since launching in 2010 and will soon welcome ingredient and equipment suppliers, packaging manufacturers, branding and marketing businesses, tour operators and so on to the site.

We receive regular enquiries from businesses wanting to appear on the site and this will offer them a home. It will be similar to, albeit different in format from, the brewery, venue and bottleshop directories, with three tiers of listing on offer. To find out more, please get in touch with Anna via email so she can send you an information pack.

The business directory will go live in the coming weeks and should be the penultimate big piece in The Crafty Pint jigsaw. The final one will be the evolution of Crafty Recommends at which point we'll hopefully have created everything we think is required for us to cover the country's craft beer scene as comprehensively, informatively and entertainingly as we can.

UPDATE: The Business Directory will go live in early October. We're waiving the setup fee for anyone that signs up before launch.

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