Hawk Your Wares Here

Hawk Your Wares Here

May 26, 2011 by Crafty Pint

As you may have noticed, we’ve had a couple of ads up on The Crafty Pint for the past few weeks. With no mysterious silent backer, no trust fund to pillage and all attempts at alchemy having proved as fruitless as the time we attempted to glue the Geography teacher to his chair but forgot to use clear glue, it’s thanks to the likes of Micro Beer Club, Aussie Brewery Tours and The Beer Boys – as well as the support of the breweries, bars and bottleshops on the site – that we hope to survive and, ultimately, expand and thrive.

Now, with Good Beer Week out of the way (although watch out for exciting news about the future on here very soon), we’ve got enough time on our hands to tell you that there are a few spaces up for grabs. The premium front page slots have been tied up until the end of July but there are still others elsewhere on the front page and on the NEWS and FEATURES pages. They’re offered at what we believe are excellent rates for an introductory period until the end of July, especially considering traffic has risen considerably since they were calculated a month ago.

In keeping with the Crafty Pint ethos, we’re only interested in advertising businesses or organisations that are in some way craft beer-related. It doesn’t have to be beer – it could be tourism, artisanal food or wine, events, etc – but it does have to be in line with what we’re all about. You won’t find any ads on here for UDL or XXXX Gold, that’s for sure, folks. If you’re interested in finding out more, send an email to crafty@craftypint.com and we’ll fire a media pack with all the info you could possibly need your way. Cheers!

Pic: The campest hawker ever serving up sweet, tasty BBQ chicken and innards on Bantayan