Welcome to The Crafty Pint

April 29, 2010, by Crafty Pint

Welcome to The Crafty Pint

Aussie beer. Once nothing more than a byword for cold, fizzy and functional. Today, undergoing the most incredible transformation since The Beatles discovered LSD and grew beards.

From Freo to Hobart, Beechworth to Byron Bay, craft brewers are creating exquisite beers that are challenging traditional perceptions and fueling a revolution. Microbrewed beers are appearing on more taps and taking over bottle shop shelves. Drinkers' taste buds are being tantalised like never before. People who would never touch a beer are giving it a go.

It's still very much a case of David vs Goliath, however. Many of the breweries crafting Imperial Stouts, Bohemian Pilsners and everything in between are little more than family affairs or a few mates with a shared dream. The market they are trying to succeed in has long been dominated by multinational producers with huge budgets. But they're making progress – just like Aussie winemakers did in the 80s.

And that's where The Crafty Pint comes in. It's here to help you find great beer and to give craft brewers and the bars and bottle shops that are supporting them a showcase to the world.

From June, you'll be able to access a constantly updated guide to Australia's craft breweries and the places their beer is sold, find out about new beers and limited release specials, learn about beer and brewing and a whole lot more.

The beer revolution is underway, but there's a long way to go. The Crafty Pint hopes to convert more people to the craft beer cause and help bring great tasting beer to every corner of Australia. So sign up, tell your friends, get in touch and, most importantly, fill a glass with your favourite tipple...


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