Help Us Get Blind: Pint of Origin Championship

April 14, 2019, by Crafty Pint

Help Us Get Blind: Pint of Origin Championship

At Good Beer Week 2019, we're combining two of our favourite things: Pint of Origin and blind tastings. We'll pit IPAs from each of the 16 regions against each other and you get to choose the beers that will be there on the night.

Below you'll find lists for seven of the 16 regions – Sydney, South Australia, Western Australia, The Territories, Canada, Queensland and the UK & Ireland. Pick your favourite three (or less) from each and the beers that get the most votes will go head to head on May 17. 

There, in the back room at The Dan O'Connell, attendees will taste them all blind, guided by the Crafty team and guests, vote for their favourite, and crown the inaugural Pint of Origin Champion.

We'll run a poll for the remaining nine venues once we get the lists of beers from them. Before then, it's worth noting a couple of things:

  • The below lists don't represent every IPA from each state, city or region, but are those from breweries who will be at Good Beer Week and have an IPA of some form in can or bottle.
  • We may not be able to source some of them so will work down the list of those with most votes if needs be.

Anyway, vote away and help us crown the best IPA of #PoO19 at Good Beer Week! And, if you'd like to be there, there's still eight tickets left – grab yours here.

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