Blog of the Month: Frozen Summers

September 2, 2011, by Crafty Pint
Blog of the Month: Frozen Summers

We’ve been a little slack on the featured blog side of things recently, with a couple of months passing since the last. So how about making up for lost time by featuring a man who not only writes a blog, but also films short beer reviews, experiments with beer in the kitchen and records beery podcasts too?

That man is Dan “Frozen” Summers. You can find his metal-tinged ventures into the beer world here. And you can find out what drives him to do what he does by reading on…

Name / Alias: Dan “Frozen” Summers

Name of blog: Frozen Beer Reviews

When started: October 23, 2010

Areas of interest: 1. The Main Show – weekly video reviews of locally available beers, mostly sticking to stuff that is available at the large chains rather than ultra obscure stuff that you can only get in speciality beer nerd type stores.
2. FBR Radio – a fortnightly beer podcast with a focus on education about beer and such
3. FBR Beer Kitchen – a monthly cooking with beer show.
4. The occasional blog post, usually reviewing local beer events and festivals.

What you do when not blogging: Right now I’m a casual university teacher of IT and Computer Games, but I’m looking to change or supplement that by getting into the beer industry, probably by bartending or working at a bottleshop (and you can direct any offers to

Why did you start writing the blog? Partly to get some experience recording, producing and publishing web video, and partly to deepen my knowledge of beer by jumping in the deep end.

Why should people read it? Well, I mostly do videos, so it’s more a case of a “why should they watch it?”, and I’d say because I’m not one of those beer nerds who tries to use as many big words as possible, or hates everything made by the “corporate” brewers. I basically just tell you what I think of each beer.

What do you enjoy most about beer? The taste, and that there are so many different tastes to be had.

Your favourite Australian beer? Stone and Wood Pacific Ale: thirst quenching, sessionable, drinkable year round and available all over the place.

Favourite non-Australian beer? I don’t drink much foreign stuff, but probably Adnams Broadside of what I’ve had recently.




Favourite place to enjoy a beer? At a BBQ. The combo of cooking sausages and beer can’t be beat.

Hopes for beer in Australia? More brewers taking more influence from more places, I’d love to see more beers that aren’t just another American Pale Ale, so for instance more English IPAs, Belgian Sours and such. I’d also like better variety on restaurant beer lists, lagers are fine but a restaurant wouldn’t have a wine list with only Chardonnay would it?

You can keep up to date with Dan’s musings on Twitter and Facebook.

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