Ten Years Of Crafty: The Time Barrel

September 11, 2020, by Crafty Pint

Ten Years Of Crafty: The Time Barrel

We've spent most of the Ten Years Of Crafty series looking back over the past decade. Now it's time to look at the here and now. We're going to create a time capsule – well, a time barrel to be precise – that represents beer now ready to be opened in 2030. And we want your help deciding what should go inside.

We're after anything and everything that encapsulates the Australian beer scene today. As long as we can fit it inside a barrel, of course.

You can thank Matt King, our SA writer, for this idea. It came about when brainstorming the series, started out as a capsule, evolved into a barrel and may well have some more evolving to do too, but that's for another day.

We're thinking things like...


Items from a pandemic:

  • The local beer industry has pivoted time and again to keep up with the ever-moving requirements to serve people safely. The rapid switch to takeaway and delivery and the need for people to support their local is what led to the launch of the Keeping Local Alive campaign, so we’ll include a KLA t-shirt.
  • We’ve got Crafty-branded face masks we made for the team so we'll include one of those.
  • How about some Boatrocker hand sanitiser from when the brewery and distillery – along with many others – moved to meet the shortage.
  • A growler / squealer.
  • A receipt for an online beer order.
  • A Zoom event recording.
  • A menu with QR code for recording your attendance at a venue.

The bushfires:

  • Australia’s beer industry hasn’t just had to face a global pandemic but a more localised apocalypse too. The horror season of bushfires saw the beer world band together to raise money via events, so a Beer For Bushfire Relief poster will be included.
  • A Resilience Beer decal.
  • A can of Sailors Grave Embers IPA.

What else?

  • Promo material from Indie Beer Day with independence a growing part of discussion within beer.
  • Ingredients of our time:
    • Hop Products Austalia's soon-to-be-named HPA-016
    • Some Sabro?
    • A packet of kveik yeast and maybe some Lallemand Sour Pitch?
    • A pack of small batch malt?
  • A print out of the most recent Hottest 100 Infographic.
  • A copy of Froth.
  • A recording of a beer podcast.
  • Print outs of some quality #beerstagram posts or fiery Facebook beer group threads
  • The liquids:
    • Something funky, aged and blended
    • A pastry stout
    • A ridiculously hazy big IPA
    • A fruit sour
    • A hard seltzer?
    • Anything else in liquid form? And which examples should we include of the above?

You can enter via the form below. You don't have to suggest beers, but we've included that as an option. We'll also give a lifetime membership to our beer club, The Crafty Cabal, to the suggestion that entertains us the most. So let's see what you've got! It means you must be an Australian resident over 18 to enter, of course.

Oh, and if you've got a contact for a good sized ex-whisky barrel, drop us a line...

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