Brew Dudes: Agents Of Chaos, Laughter & Beer

April 8, 2021, by Ben Hopkins

Brew Dudes: Agents Of Chaos, Laughter & Beer

Everyone thinks they’re a comedian after a few beers. It’s only natural. You’ve got a funny story to tell, why not tell it after a double IPA? 

Well, you don’t need to listen to a poorly explained story over a beer anymore, as two actual comedians are uniting for a show that ties craft beer with laughs as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The Brew Dudes show by Nick Capper and Brett Blake (pictured above on the right and left, respectively) aims to poke fun at the craft beer world while showcasing some top quality craft beers throughout the interactive show.

When it comes to their own preferences, Nick says he and Brett sit on opposite sides of the spectrum: Nick fell for craft beer after first trying Feral at a bar in Sydney. 

“I’m into craft beers, I love craft beer,” he says. “Brett – he has terrible taste in beer. He is a staunch Emu Bitter drinker. I don’t mind Emu myself, but I’d question someone if they said it was their favourite beer.” 

It's not Nick's first foray into combining beer and comedy either. He's appeared on the Beer Together live stream channel launched during the height of last year's first COVID lockdown with the host of The Chosen Brew, Ian McNally. Have A Beer, Guess The Year saw the two hosts share a drink and anecdotes from a particular year until one of them guessed when it might have been. Nick says the time spent on that show was a big learning curve for him about the local craft beer industry and he'd regularly take notes during episodes to find out more about beers and breweries he should look out for. 

“It’s one of the things that got me through lockdown," Nick says. "Meeting the craft beer community and having a craft beer each night; trying a different one and talking about it with Ian and other people."


Ian and Nick as during one of their Have A Beer, Guess The Year livestreams last year.


Nick says while he's slowly dragged Brett towards a craftier end of the beer market, the duo wanted their show to capture the full scope of beers and, above all else, be dumb fun. 

“We wanted a show that craft beer people and non-craft beer people would love," he says. "We take the piss out of everyone … but we also pay homage to the classics, the beers that are long forgotten like Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum.” 

Having already completed a pair of shows during this year’s festival, Nick says the biggest thing he's enjoyed has been opening some eyes to just how good beer can be these days. 

“We want people to have fun, but we also want people to taste great beers,” he says. “We gave out some Jetty Road beers at our last gig and their selection is amazing, they taste incredible. 

“People were walking out saying, 'Oh wow, I would have never had this', and that’s really cool.”

If you want to catch either of the Brew Dudes’ final two shows, tickets can be bought here

Brett has a solo show that is currently underway and which you can read about here, while Nick's show runs from April 13 and details are here

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