Keeping Local Alive '21

July 21, 2021, by Crafty Pint

Keeping Local Alive '21

Well, this is far from ideal, is it? Victoria aside, Australia seemed to have sailed through year one of the pandemic relatively unscathed, only for 2021 to turn into a series of snap – and now, in the case of parts of New South Wales, extended – lockdowns.

The industry we cover has been one of the most savagely hit by the ongoing pandemic and the measures taken to get on top of it, but it's also one heck of a resourceful community too. Many breweries and other businesses have switched to alternative models – such as the drive-thru erected at Bucketty's the day lockdown started in Sydney – so we've rebooted the resources section of the Keeping Local Alive pages we'd hoped was no longer required.

For now, we've focused mainly on detailing what the impacted breweries and craftier venues in and around Sydney are up to – those that haven't taken the decision to close, at least – but we're happy to add businesses in other lockdown areas too.


If you want us to add details of what your business is up to – or what your favourite local is up to – shoot an email to with details such as:

  • Business name
  • Address (physical and online for orders)
  • Details of offering during lockdown (food, drinks, takeaway, delivery, merch, online events etc)

If businesses tag @craftypint or #keepinglocalalive on socials when posting about their lockdown offerings, we'll look to share those posts with our followers and update the Keeping Local Alive resource where appropriate too.

Apologies this is going live a little later than planned; like everyone, we hoped Sydney's lockdown would be over by now, and various members of the Crafty team have been dealing with our own ever-evolving challenges in recent weeks too.

More importantly, however, we're sending positive vibes to everyone impacted by the latest outbreak and crossing everything for a speedy return to relative normality.

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