Be Part Of Pint of Origin At GBW 2022

October 11, 2021, by Crafty Pint

Be Part Of Pint of Origin At GBW 2022

Good Beer Week turned ten in 2021, reemerging triumphantly after the previous year's COVID cancellation in a brief window between Victoria's lockdowns. As the country's biggest beer festival sets off on its second decade from May 21 to 28, 2022, Pint of Origin will once again play a central role.

It will be the tenth time this showcase of the world's best brewers and beers has been part of Good Beer Week since being conceived by The Crafty Pint way back in 2012. And it's as popular as ever – in the survey results from the 2021 festival, 23 percent of attendees named it as their favourite stream.

Comments from punters said it was "brilliant each year and easily the best part of the festival" and "still the best", and we plan to make it even better in 2022.

For venues, it's a great way to attract visitors throughout the week, not just in the form of the epic PoO crawls that have been growing over time and often feature their own merch and clothing, but also by bringing newcomers from other parts of the city, state – even interstate – and, hopefully again in 2022, overseas through your doors.

As well as all the usual promotional support granted to participating businesses by the Good Beer Week team, those venues that sign up to Pint of Origin benefit from extra promotion from The Crafty Pint, both online and in-venue. This includes the PoO Passports that were so popular in 2021 many venues had run out on the first weekend.

If you'd like your venue to be considered as a Pint of Origin venue for 2022, you need to complete the below application form before October 22. It's your chance to tell us why you should get the gig as we look to give new venues a chance to join in the fun.

You'll also be able to check out what's required of you as a PoO host. The benefits on offer – outside of enjoying a busy week filled with new faces – are linked below too.

With registrations for Good Beer Week 2022 opening on October 19 and remaining open until November 15, we'll make final decisions on the Pint of Origin lineup by October 27 so anyone who misses out still has a chance to be part of Good Beer Week in another way.

Tell us as much as you can about your plans. Why your chosen region? Which brewers do you plan to feature? What event ideas do you have in mind? How will you help promote Pint of Origin, Good Beer Week and The Crafty Pint to your audience?

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