Talking Local Beer Day With Aussie Beer Voyage

February 20, 2024, by Crafty Pint

Talking Local Beer Day With Aussie Beer Voyage

When we announced plans for Local Beer Day, one of the first people to jump on board was Adam Schell. He's a pretty recent arrival in the local beer industry – see his entry in our Local Beer Legends series – but has already established himself as one of the Queensland beer world's most passionate advocates.

As well as putting on events at various brewery venues that fall under his role at the Catchment Brewing Group – including a giant sack race at Ballistic Springfield, darts at Ballistic Bargara, a hot wings competition at Catchment in the West End, a Cooee! comp at Ballistic Salisbury, and specials at Fortitude Brewing in Mount Tamborine – he invited The Crafty Pint's founder, James Smith, to join him for a chat about all things local and beer on his YouTube show Aussie Beer Voyage.

They chat about the origins of The Crafty Pint as well as Local Beer Day as part of a broader discussion on Aussie beer and the importance of getting behind local businesses. And you can check it out here.

Local Beer Day is a celebration of local beer from local brewers at the best local venues, with events taking place across Australia on February 24. Check it out here.

You can also nominate your favourite local for a chance to win hundreds of dollars worth of rare and vintage beers donated by the team at Carwyn Cellars. Deadline to enter My Favourite Local is February 22.

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