Big Shed Emerge From Administration With Founders Still In Control

March 21, 2024, by Media Release

Big Shed Emerge From Administration With Founders Still In Control

Big Shed have announced that following a second meeting of creditors on March 20, the brewery's founders were back in control of the business. The brewery went into administration on February 14, citing the decision came as a result of debts incurred during COVID and their significant expansion just before COVID.

The full media release is available below. 

Media Release:Big Shed Brewing emerges from VA grateful and humble

Big Shed Brewing rides a wave of support as its proposal receives a positive vote from creditors

Following the 2nd meeting of creditors yesterday and with the support from creditors, Big Shed Brewing is back in the control of its original directors.

Big Shed Brewing co-owner and director, Craig Basford is grateful for the support from creditors and the public during this trying time “We know and appreciate the pain this has caused to our creditors because it’s happened to us over the years and it’s something we never wanted to do. We did it though because not to, would have been worse for creditors financially and it would have been worse for our 40 plus staff.” He said. “We will do what we can to repair those relationships as we go forward, it's all we can do.”

Co-owner and director, Jason Harris agreed and added how humbled the owning families were for the support of the public and the grateful for the work of Administrators from HPL. 

“The Adelady and HelloSA team started this wave and all we could do was to try and hold on. The outpouring of love and support on our ‘Save The Shed’ night and throughout the whole process has been truly humbling.” Says Jason. “Mark, Matt and the team at HPL could see what we were trying to do and that we did have a future if we could restructure our finances. We are glad we made the call before we reached the point of no return.”

While there is still lots of work to be done. Big Shed will work extra hard to repay the faith of the beer, burger-loving public, their wholesale partners as well as its suppliers. Big Shed’s recent plight highlights the struggles of all small business and asks us all to support them with our collective wallets wherever you can.

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