Tasting Times Ahead

October 10, 2010, by Crafty Pint

Tasting Times Ahead

Terrible pun aside, it does seem the opportunities for people to sample new beers are growing. A friend of The Crafty Pint sent in some photos of the inaugural Matilda Bay Beer ‘n’ Bites at Prahran Market this weekend, which saw brewers from the Garage Brewery in Dandenong offer free samples of their beers alongside matched nibbles. There’s an element of taking the mountain to Mohammed with this – and we like it!

Looking at the week ahead, there’s much more to come. If someone had come up with the idea of charging people to come along to a little bottleshop on a Wednesday or Sunday to taste a range of sour and fruit-flavoured beers a couple of years back, you’d have been within your rights to question their sanity. Yet both sessions at Slowbeer have already sold out; that there was another similar session called Silence of the Lambics at Chapel St Cellars just a few days ago suggests the ground is shifting at quite a rate as Aussies embrace the full range of beers with open arms.




Add in Purvis Cellars' massive annual Oktoberfest tasting this week, a beer dinner in Melbourne’s outer suburbs on Friday, the Australian Hotel’s 6th Beer and Wine Festival in Sydney at the weekend, the second weekend of Brisbane’s Oktoberfest, a visit by the Murray’s guys to the next Local Taphouse Ale Stars session and and and… OK, you get the message. We suggested the month should be renamed Octobeer in Friday’s newsletter and it’s easy to see why. Enjoy!

NB: If you attend any good beery events or have any photos / tales you think you be shared with the wider beer community, feel free to send them to us. We’re looking to create something of a craft beer community here at The Crafty Pint so don’t be shy!

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