Surprise, Surprise!

October 19, 2010, by Crafty Pint

Surprise, Surprise!

The bi-annual Victorian Microbreweries Showcase is almost upon us, with another two days of sellout crowds expected in the Fed Square Atrium as more than 20 breweries and brewing companies get the chance to show off their wares to the public. And once again it should give the 1,500 attendees a first taste of new or special release beers, with The Crafty Pint aware of a few “surprises” on the lineup.

Among the new beers are the return of Bridge Road’s single hop Galaxy India Pale Ale, first released in 2009, two from newcomer Beacon Brewery, plus pilsners from Mildura Brewery and Hawthorn, the brewing company whose beers are made under contract but who told us investing in a brewery is “very much the top of our priorities in regards to our future planning. We'e following those like Temple to get everything as right as possible on the product front, and we'll make the plunge when we financially can.”

As for surprises, you might want to hunt around for a strictly limited version of a brew from one of Victoria’s longest established breweries. We’ll leave it to you to do the hunting, but can tell you it involves mash-hopping. “What?” you ask.

Well, according to one of the brewers: “It’s an extended or extreme method of first wort hopping. This batch was mash-hopped with over 2kg of cascade flowers. To put this in perspective, that’s over two handy-pail, or two 20l buckets, of ultra fresh 2010 hop flower hops dropped in at a very early stage of the brewing process in addition to the already big hop schedule we use with this beer! The result is a soft, citrusy, fruity aromatic note that’s ultra-bright and smooth.”

You might also want to keep an eye out for competition forms from The Crafty Pint. Simply fill in your name and email for the chance to win one of two slabs containing 24 different Victorian craft beers from many of the breweries exhibiting.

And if you’re not sated after your 20 tastes, the Beer DeLuxe bar staff have been hoarding kegs specially for the occasion. Mountain Goat’s new Imperial Pilsner should be there, along with the last keg of a special version of Temple’s Saison – a 9% Saison de Miel made with honey.

The Showcase runs from 4.30pm to 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Enjoy!

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