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October 27, 2010, by Crafty Pint

Crafty In The Press

The other day, an Age article on some of the more unusual beers currently available in Victoria drew 45 comments when it was posted online – a pretty impressive tally and hopefully an indication of how many people are becoming interested in hunting down new beer experiences. If you missed it, you can read it here. Please excuse the headline added by the subs – we know you’re not snobs, just on a search for quality!

There’s been a number of other Crafty articles published in various sections of The Age and Epicure over the past 18 months, mostly focusing on the craft beer industry in Australia. So we thought it would be a good idea to post links to some of them here in case you’re after a little light reading to get you through the day.

Froth and Substance – all about the rise of beer and food pairing.

Beers ain’t beers – the rise of the home brewer turned microbrewer.

Takeaway draught – the arrival of the growler.

Soba, so good – an article about Temple’s development of a Japanese soba beer using buckwheat. It will become part of their regular lineup when they open their new brewery in 2011.

Rolling out the barrel – a look at the Victorian brewers barrel-aging their beers.

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