The Best Of Aussie

The Best Of Aussie

November 8, 2010 by Crafty Pint

They’ve taken drinkers to Canada, Germany and the States, assaulted their palates with hard-hitting hop bombs and warmed their cockles with roasted malts in winter. And now they’re heading home. Yes, for their next SpecTAPular, The Local Taphouses in St Kilda and Darlinghurst will be celebrating the best of Australian beer with a special homegrown event.

The Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular is being lined up for next February and will feature a number of beers from Australia’s top craft brewers created specially for the occasion. The Taphouse team is expecting beers from Murray’s, Bridge Road, Feral, Last Drop, Mountain Goat, 4 Pines, Brew Boys, Wig & Pen, Hargreaves Hill and Stone & Wood – with the promise of more to follow.

As for the future, Steve Jeffares says: “Our ambition for this summer GABS concept is to ultimately bring it offsite in Sydney and Melbourne.

“As to the style of the special brews? Well, that’s entirely up to the brewers – it could be an historic style done brilliantly, an innovative style never seen in Australia (or anywhere) before or something altogether different to forge new frontiers in great beer…”

Watch this space for more details.

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