James Halliday Article: Lock, Stock & Barrel

September 4, 2013, by Crafty Pint

James Halliday Article: Lock, Stock & Barrel

The latest edition of James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine has been dropping through the letterboxes of subscribers this week. It features an article we wrote on Farmhouse Ales (well, mostly Saisons) and their increasing popularity in Australia.

So, as we like to do when a new mag comes out, we’ve pulled one of our old pieces from the vault for rediscovery here on Crafty. This time we’ve plucked an article we wrote on the use of barrels in the beer industry – the different ways in which they are utilised and some of the beers that make best use of them. It features:

  • Brendan Varis, of Feral, talking about such delights as his Barrel Fermented Hop Hog and the Funky Junky

  • Shawn Sherlock, from Murray’s, on his Anniversary Ales and the Oak-aged Heart of Darkness

  • Richard Watkins, then of Wig & Pen but soon to launch his own brewery BentSpoke, on the use of bacteria, fruit, spices and the art and blending barrel-aged beers

Download a PDF of the article here:


You can find the last Halliday article we posted on Crafty here.


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