Crafty Tales 2: Boneyard

Crafty Tales 2: Boneyard

October 9th, 2013 by Crafty Pint

Earlier this year, we launched Crafty Tales, a series of short films looking at different aspects of the craft beer world. Created in conjunction with New McPherson, a Fitzroy-based video production agency, the first one featured Mountain Goat looking back at their first 15 years as brewers.

Now, slightly later than planned (the craft beer world is a very busy one), we’re back with Episode 2. It features Boneyard Brewing, the brewing offshoot of Josie Bones that has just released its third beer, a low alcohol Red Ale. Boneyard is a partnership between Josie Bones co-founder Chris Badenoch and award-winning home brewer and beer judge Brendan O'Sullivan, again shot and edited beautifully by the New McPherson team.

It touches upon beer and food pairing, as well as their decision to branch out from the restaurant business into brewing.

“Boneyard is an interesting one,” says New McPherson director James McPherson of the decision to shoot them for Crafty Tales. “Between Brendan O’Sullivan and Chris Badenoch you have a curious mix of chaos, passion and technical skill.

“For half a decade, Chris has been the public face of ‘good’ beer; through his stint on Masterchef, his BeerBQ events, and his restaurant Josie Bones, he challenging peoples' perception of beer and beer and food matching.

“In Brendan O’Sullivan – who is also the sommelier at Josie Bones – Chris has found an exceptionally talented, yet individual, brewer who can operate between styles – not in an extreme to be extreme sense – but by taking styles we love and adding his personal touch: Brendan’s Grapefruit IPA is testament to this.”

We posed a few questions of Chris and Brendan too.

How is Boneyard going, with the third beer now out?
Really well, all the initial responses to the Red Ale have been fantastic. Most drinkers can’t believe it’s only 2.9 per cent. Brendan has nailed it again!

Any plans to change from gypsy or will you continue to brewery hop?
We are in the brand building period still, so using different breweries for different brews really suits at the moment. I do see some tanks in our future though.

Chris – did you have brewing experience before?
Not really, just a bit of home brew. Brendan is the expert in that department. We conceptualise the beer and talk about flavours and texture then Brendan weaves his magic. I’m just hired muscle when it come to the brew.

Brendan – do you see yourself leaving hospo and going full brewer at some point?
I have a holistic approach to beer, and hospitality is such an important piece of the puzzle I don’t think I’ll ever completely “leave” it – I love talking about beer too much. At the moment I am itching for more production, so would love to start brewing a lot more regularly.

What does the future hold for Boneyard?
World domination and the death of boring, generic beer.

You can watch the video below or, better still, on our TV page along with heaps of other cool, beery clips.

Crafty Tales Episode 2: Boneyard from Crafty Pint on Vimeo.

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