H100 Of 2013 Results

H100 Of 2013 Results

January 25, 2014 by Crafty Pint

For the sixth year running, The Local Taphouse has run its annual poll to find out which Aussie craft beers have wooed drinkers. With the support of The Crafty Pint and Brews News, the number of votes doubled for the 2013 poll. And, as is now customary, the results of the voting will be counted down from 100 to 1 on Australia Day.

Venues across the country are holding parties to celebrate and the results will be appearing here and on Brews News from 12.35pm AEST, with the number one beer revealed at 5pm. Numbers 100 to 11 will appear in blocks of 10 at 20 minute intervals throughout the day with the final ten then revealed one at a time from 3.30pm AEST.

You can watch them come in below or keep tabs on The Crafty Pint’s Twitter too. If you’re planning on tweeting about them then use the hashtag #H100beers. NB Refresh the page for the latest results

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Taphouse co-founder Steve Jeffares says: “The voter turnout this year was double last year’s which has continued the pattern for most of the last six years where we have doubled each year. It’s an amazing result with a wider than ever geographical mix made possible with the support of Australian Brews News, Crafty Pint and all the participating craft beer venues around the country who joined the campaign for the first time.”

We’ll have reaction and a breakdown of the results elsewhere on The Crafty Pint once the results are announced.

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