Hello, good beer lovers! And welcome to another edition of Pint of Origin at Good Beer Week. 

If you're after the full rundown on this year's #PoO17 action head to our Hub page here or the one on the Good Beer Week website. However, chances are that if you're here, it's because you're already enjoying one of the #PoO17 venues and are keen to enter this year's PoO Comp. 

We've amassed another whopping collection of beers (and a bit of merch) for you to try to get your hands on.

We'll be drawing five winners once Good Beer Week is over. One will win four cases, one will win three, one will win two, one will win a single case and one will win a lucky dip from Little Bang Brewing. And we'll throw in something from us too.

To be in with a chance of being among those five, simply enter your name and email below.

PoO 2017 Competition

The Prize Pool

To paraphrase the late, great Jim Bowen, here's what you could win, with cases and goodies from brewers representing each Aussie #PoO17 venue and a Brucie Bonus from Brooklyn...

Wayward Brewing Co (Sydney)
Fury & Son (Melbourne)
Murray's Craft Brewing (NSW)
Pact Beer (ACT)
Feral Brewing War Hog (WA)
Hobart Brewing Co (TAS)
Bright Brewery Mixed Case (VIC)
Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale (USA)
Southern Bay Rye ESB (SW VIC)
Little Bang Brewing's Lucky Dip (SA)
Newstead Brewing Mixed Case (QLD)

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