Artisan Brewing Shiny Dime & The Expat

Bock & Belgian Pale Ale
5.0% & 4.9%

The Lone Star state occupies a huge swathe of the American South, from coastal aspects to dry inland plains. And, despite its broad populus, Texans are united in their love for a maize-based bock that’s been brewed for more than a century. On face value it’s a relatively simple beer, although one which seems a little outside of what you’d expect for a warmer climate: sustenance for Lent-fasting German clergy, sure, but not the kind of thing one would expect to find lending itself to slaking Stetson-adorned horsemen and women.

For Artisan’s Brian Fitzgerald, Shiner Bock carries deep nostalgia of cook-outs under the Texan sun, watching the empty cans pile up. Here, the Great Southern brewers lean in to that drinkability with maize moderating the beer’s deceptively rich hue, Shiny Dime's flow instead offering a lean mix of light caramels. Soft bitterness keeps the vibe approachable, likewise gentle dryness, and if there’s an intent, it’s for this beer to be consumed directly from the can as the sweet smoke of a low and slow BBQ wafts past – and, of course, consumed in gleeful quantities.

Being expats themselves, and divining beer culture from Continental Europe, it should be little surprise to find Artisan’s world view wrapped up in The Expat, a Belgian pale ale. This edition of the long-running, iterative release finds a combo of Belgian malts, two US hops and "secret yeast blend" taking in a global tour of nutty caramel malt flecked with faint mandarin and peach, as well as subtle Belgo spice adding interest. The genial approach is soon met with a bitterness that's assertive for the beer's size, like the firm handshake of a well-travelled friend bursting to share their experiences with you.

Guy Southern

Published June 5, 2024

Artisan Brewing

Board Road
WA 6333

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