Artisan Brewing Dark Star 23, Waffles & Artisanal Pils

Belgian Imperial Stout & Oatmeal Porter & Unfiltered Pile
9.0% & 4.2% & 5.0%

The team at Artisan have developed a solid reputation for brewing Belgian styles of beer, and when they look elsewhere for inspiration, well, somehow, they still end up somewhat Belgian... This trio includes an unfiltered pilsner, and imperial stout, and an oatmeal stout, all with a touch of Belgium to keep them in line with what Artisan do best.

Dark Star 23 features a classic imperial stout profile of molasses, stewed fruits, and chocolate, but what isn’t so classic is the strong Belgian yeast character. The likes of ripe banana, clove, and mixed spice all feature and are reminiscent of a Belgian tripel against a heavy malt backdrop. The 9 percent ABV doesn’t go amiss here either, combining rather well with the complex yeast character and malt to yield a particularly rich beer of distinction.

While on the darker side of things, Waffles is a bit of an anomaly for the Artisan team. Sure, Belgian malts still feature in the mash of this oatmeal porter, but the classic Belgian yeast character doesn’t present. Chocolate, malt-derived bitterness, and some sweetness are all stacked upon a silky-smooth body with a medium, mostly dry finish. A sound example of the oatmeal porter style.

Artisan Pils is classically flavoured pilsener, pouring golden with enough turbidity to make you second guess its credentials as a lager. This example of an unfiltered pils has a profile offering bready malt character, clean yeast notes, and with spicy, noble hops dominating. Clean with a crisp, short finish, this pils is balanced but full flavoured, deserving of fine glassware and considered sipping.

Jono Outred

Published June 25, 2023

Artisan Brewing

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WA 6333

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