Red Duck Burton

Red Duck Brewery

Released November 26, 2010

It wasn't until Crafty was sat in a room of home brewers (in Boronia of all places) studying to become a beer judge that the significance of his birthplace in the world of beer became apparent. There's a term in brewing ' 'Burtonisation� ' which denotes the addition of salts to your water to try and recreate the water natural to Burton-on-Trent, the birthplace of the classic English Pale Ale (and Crafty). As such, this is Red Duck's version of the beers from that area. Being a strident traditionalist, the brewer has gone for a beer true to the style's early 18th Century origins with far lower hopping than found in the India Pale Ales (IPAs) that were to follow. As such, the 'Bitter� of the title is something of a misnomer for those raised on highly hopped beers with big, bitter finishes. Instead, this is a cloudy, unfiltered copper coloured beer with a nutty, fruity nose (with a hint of alcohol) and a creamy mouthfeel displaying soft malt characteristics.

English Pale Ale
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