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Red Duck Gruiter

Red Duck Brewery

Released September 1st, 2012

Even by the brewery's standards, Red Duck's Canute the Gruit was a weird one. A hopless beer designed to be like the gruit beers of Medieval days, it featured homemade nettle goo and hawthorn berry juice as well as some deliberately scorched oats in the kettle. It was a beer we found beyond challenging when it was young but which developed into a really exciting smokey sour beer with age. The Gruiter is the follow up, designed to be how a beer might have been around Renaissance times. Less smokey and less confronting, it's got some roastiness in there, but that plays second fiddle to the sourness. Fuller in body than the first one and with a sharper sourness, it's a welcome addition to to slowly expanding canon of Aussie brewed sours.

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Red Duck Brewery

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