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Released September 10, 2012

In a recent piece for the site, we asked Red Duck founder Scott Wilson-Browne for the favourite of all the names he'd given his beers over the years. This was the one he picked. When we suggested it was something to do with Gaume (a place in Belgium) and gnomes, it seemed we were on the right track. There's something to do with "small interesting creatures" too. The best way to solve the puzzle might be to get your hands on one of the beers while you set the cogs a-whirring. It's the second of the beers Scott brewed with visiting Dane Anders Kissmeyer back in March (the other being the 25-hop-varieties Hop Bach) and is their take on the Belgian Lambic style (sort of), brewed with a whole bunch of yeast strains, some sugars, and a pair of fermentations. The result is a light, cloudy beer that's subtly fruity, a little tart, a wee bit spicy and finishes refreshingly dry. Another oddball to add to the brewery's rather large collection of oddballs and one that the brewer loves so much he'll be back for more.

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