Red Duck Sexy Thing

Red Duck Brewery

Released November 12, 2012

Journeys in Mother Pint's car when a child were rarely blessed with anything remotely approaching decent music. Her favourite musician - the result, one assumes, of meeting him when she was 13 and he was a young, untainted-by-Saviour's Day-and-Wimbledon pop star - was Cliff Richard. She had a soft spot for Chris de Burgh too. You get the idea. Thankfully, there was a period in which she left Hot Chocolate's Greatest Hits on rotation in the tape player, providing a welcome respite from the aforementioned horrors and BBC Radio 2's subliminal attempts to get you to make like a stressed out student and stick a couple of sharpened pencils up your nose. Which brings us to Red Duck's Sexy Thing, named presumably after the Hot Chocolate hit of the same name, which is an ale laced with chocolate and chilli. The idea came from the brewery's dabble with chocolate in the Long Shot Porter and chilli in the Beer Here collaboration Ragnarok. The result is, according to brewer Scott Wilson-Browne, is "a hot, wet, lingering, passionate affair". He adds, helpfully, that "If you see anything cloudy in your beer, apart from yeast, it's chocolate! Or maybe it's just sex in a bottle..." Delightful.

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