Venom Brewing Black IPA

Venom Brewing

Released May 31st, 2016

Venom's tattoo artist logo and label design managed to become one of the most talked about in Victoria when the brewing company's first beer, the fine Golden Ale, was released. That was as founder Joel Drysdale intended, with the beer good enough to overcome the brickbats from those who didn't like what they saw; indeed, he's already brewing double size batches of it at Hawkers.

And, in a sign that the naysayers won't be seeing any compromise from him, for this second release he's gone and jazzed up the labels even more, adding shiny, metallic flourishes to the snake hissing in your general direction. NB: For the winter 2018 release, it's now in jazzy cans. There's little compromise to be found with the beer either; if the Golden is a beer that sits at the very upper reaches of its style categorisation in terms of hop aroma and flavour, here's a beer that is punchier all round.

The Black IPA's genesis began when Joel read one of our weekly newsletters and saw that former Temple and Homestead man Ron Feruglio was stepping away from brewing to consult. He texted asking for Ron's details within minutes and, a few weeks later, was in touch again to say the two had been working together on a black IPA. Why? Well, when at Temple, Ron created one of the first – and arguably the best – local black IPAs (Midnight) and then repeated the feat with Black Swan at Homestead.

This is a somewhat different beast (just 6 percent ABV as opposed to 7) but showcases Ron's love of raiding the ingredients cupboard: no less than seven hops are lurking within. The opaque, near black beer achieves the black IPA's goal of looking stout / porter like, aided by its tan head, before unloading myriad hop aromas and flavours. We picked up mandarin cream, blackcurrant, herbal and pineapple in the former category, with the flavour more of the spicy, peppery sort. But with so many varieties in there, you'll probably find something else. The biggest difference (if memory serves) from Ron's past glories is a more pronounced bitterness – of the hop and bitter chocolate variety, which may well be down to the lower booze content.

Black IPA
65 IBU

In good beer outlets around Melbourne

Venom Brewing

18 High Street
VIC 3717

0447 280 555


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