Sailors Grave Southern Right Ale

Sailors Grave Brewing

The darkest drop in Sailors Grave's core range is the Southern Right Ale. It's a beer inspired by German altbiers and the rich malt profiles of some French farmhouse ales, but you could also look at English ESBs for a point of reference. Either way, it's a beer in which malt takes centre stage.

A blend of specialty malts deliver flavours and aromas that range from caramel and toffee to biscuit like to distinctly nutty – hints of beer nuts and toasted hazelnuts and pecans too. It's loaded up with noble hops, which add a drying, earthy bitterness. The Southern Right Ale has become a go to for a friend of The Crafty Pint who's a whisky nut first and foremost and you can imagine bartenders having a lot of fun using this for boilermakers – not to mention chefs enjoying pairing it with rich meat dishes.

Sailors Grave Brewing

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