Hargreaves Hill & Four Pillars Gin Barrel Gose 2021

Hargreaves Hill

Released November 25, 2021

Two of Yarra Valley's leading booze producers have been at it again, creating their beer-gin hybrid for the sixth year running. The Gin Barrel Gose has become something of a cult hero in local beer circles since first landing late in 2016. It starts out as a gently soured and salted gose style wheat beer infused with gin botanicals and is then matured in some of Four Pillars barrels before being bottled by Hargreaves Hill and sent into the world.

After a detour into Christmas gin barrels in 2020, it's back where it started out for 2021, albeit in 375ml cans. The brewery team tell us the beer was aged in Four Pillars Gin barrels "just long enough for the gin characteristics to take hold without too much oak coming through" before more botanicals were added to enhance that side of things. And enhance they have, with this year's offering as botanical as any GBG to date. There's a floral, citrusy, lemon myrtle bouquet riding high in a beer that's cleansing more than sour or indeed salty, and as refreshing as any of its previous iterations.

James Smith

Gin Barrel Aged Gose
Hargreaves Hill

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Lilydale 3140

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