Fox Hat Full Mongrel Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout
100 IBU

Fox Hat’s very first beer was an oatmeal stout called Phat Mongrel: an American style stout typically served on nitro, it's a beer designed to ease drinkers into the early stages of winter. But, when full winter hits, the brewers like to bring its bigger sibling, Full Mongrel, out to play. A supercharged 10 percent ABV Russian Imperial Stout intended to warm you from the inside out.

Just as the name suggests, Full Mongrel is aggressive, immediately making itself known with an array of dark roasted malt, strong, black, bitter coffee, tar and cocoa aromas. Black as you like in colour, its appearance takes on a syrupy texture, like sump oil poured from a container, while the full, thick mouthfeel possesses a touch of creamy silkiness too. Bitter chocolate, rich coffee and full on roasted grain dominate the flavours, while there's a welcome warmth that rises as the flavours dissipate, soon engulfing the body.

So, should you go Full Mongrel this winter, know your body will be kept warm and your taste buds sufficiently entertained.

Matt King

Fox Hat Brewing

252 Blewitt Springs Road
McLaren Flat
SA 5171

1800 896 080
Open Hours

Seven days: 10am to 5pm


Tastings available through Beresford Tasting Room

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