Bucketty's Brewing West Coast IPA

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Bucketty’s head brewer Tony D’Astolfo is happy to brew lagers and hazy pale ales. But every brewer has a certain kind of beer that really lights the fire behind their eyes.

“I’m a West Coast guy. I grew up on the West Coast in the US… I just like that piney dankness.”

Bring on the brighter appearance. Bring on the snap of bitterness from the moment it hits your lips. Bring on the pine and the dankness that keeps the fruity tones in the background. Bring on the heft of 7 percent ABV, and the slight chewiness that comes along with it. Bring on the clean but bitter pine finish.

Bring on the West Coast.

Mick Wust

West Coast IPA
Bucketty's Brewing Co

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