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Table Saison

It's little secret that, for the most part, the Aussie beer world is one heck of a collaborative place. And this beer is a good example of that. Farmhouse ale lover Luke Smith of Green Gully Brewing was approached by Al Tippett, the founder of AC Hops – a small operation growing hops nearby in Dean we wrote about in April 2021 – at last year's Ballarat Beer Festival. Al mentioned Dollar Bill had used his hops in the past, Luke asked for his product list, spotted he had Red Earth – a varietal he'd tried without luck to grow on his farm on Phillip Island – and put in an order.

Skip forward the best part of a year and here's Australian Table Saison, brewed with those Red Earth hops, mostly Aussie malt (other than a little rye from Germany), and saison yeast from Melbourne-based Bluestone. Utilising Luke's favoured re-fermentation and carbonation in the can, this hazy orange pour features his typical steepling head and plenty of rustic charm. Spicy, floral hops meld with the distinctive spicy farmhouse yeast characters, all supported by carbonation as soft as the softly honeyed malts. Dry and peppery more than bitter to finish, it's a true showcase of the Green Gully ethos.

James Smith

Published January 27, 2023

Green Gully Brewing

79 Coghlan Road
VIC 3922

0429 832 304
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