Beaches Brewery Hazy Lager

Hazy Lager

Anyone attempting to pigeonhole beers these days would be embarking on a rather foolhardy mission; after all, pretty much every style ever imagined in the beverage's millennia-long history is being brewed by someone somewhere, and all the most common styles are being taken in all manner of directions. Yet, were you to learn a brewing company was launching with a core range hazy in the 2020s, you'd be pretty certain it was a hazy pale ale. But not at Beaches...

Their hazy is Hazy Lager, a beer that pours with a light golden glow and has a touch of the IPL (India pale lager) about it in terms of character, albeit at a more restrained, approachable level. That's courtesy of hop flavours and aromas that flit between citrus rind and something herbal. There's both sweetness and a lingering bitterness at play in a beer designed for the quenching of thirsts.

James Smith

Beaches Brewery

NSW 2097

0418 416 972
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