Beaches Brewery The One Oh One & Interstate 95 IPAs

Beaches Brewery

Published February 14, 2023

The first limited releases from Sydney-based Beaches Brewery deliver an American road trip in a couple of cans, inspired not only by the regions but the journeys themselves.

Let’s start on the West Coast (because that’s the closer flight from Sydney)... The One Oh One West Coast IPA pours with the familiar gold of beer in a cartoon, with a lingering head to match. There’s an aroma that slaps you with hops, in this case Citra and Talus, while to taste there's a quaffable, almost sessionable balance of pine and citrus with a crisp carbonation as it coats your tongue with a resinous lacquer. Fans of West Coast IPAs will find this easy to knock back, yet with a hop profile that still wipes its boots on the doormat of your tongue.

Making our way across to the Atlantic Ocean we discover Interstate 95 East Coast IPA. Crack open this can and the pine aroma wastes no time rushing into your nostrils. The pineapple juice appearance delivers with a sweet pineapple and orange start before a piney hit follows, all coming courtesy of the Galaxy, Citra and Amarillo hops. The finish is sweet, smooth and crisp, well suited to being paired with spicy seafood like chilli mud crab or hot salt and pepper squid.

Benedict Kennedy-Cox

West & East Coast IPAs
Both 6.2%
Beaches Brewery

NSW 2097

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