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Published March 21, 2023

Just as the sun sets on summer, Mismatch aim to hold on to the last flickers of warmth by releasing the Peach Sour that debuted at NOLA’s Acid Trip sour beer festival in cans. Drawing upon fruit from their home base in the Adelaide Hills, the brew team used purée to infuse the peach flavour into a kettle sour base beer created with a typically simple malt bill of pale and wheat. It's an approach designed to allow the fruit to shine unencumbered while keeping the beer light and easy to drink.

Aroma and flavour wise, you can predict the outcome: peach leads the way from start to finish. On the nose, the fruit is ripe and fresh, accompanied by an acidity reminiscent of lemon peel, while to taste the purée brings a little sweetness and fleshy peach. In keeping with its easygoing nature, the sourness is very gentle and approachable, the ABV is kept to 4 percent, and the refreshment factor held high.

Matt King

Peach Sour
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